Mehmet Gün, along with Adv. Ahmet Atalay, founded Atalay & Gün Law Firm. After Mr. Atalay left the partnership in 1989, the name of the firm was changed as Gün Law Firm. In addition to telex, telefax, and computerised word processor, we began to use a PC with 40 KB hard disk. 

In addition to general commercial law services we conducted anti-piracy campaigns against pirated publication. We helped to raise the level of awareness of intellectual property rights protection and to establish the legal framework for protection of intellectual property rights. 


We started representing the administrators of a UK conglomerate with respect to its Turkish affiliates. We continued this representation for over 10 years, and in this period we helped to keep a large five star hotel operating without interruption by its unpaid constructors and subcontractors; we helped to survive an electronics company that was in financial difficulties until it was transferred to a buyer; and we resolved several matters and disputes in which the group was involved. 


We started acting for an alliance of business software companies. During our 10+ years of representation, we organised seminars and symposiums nationwide to raise awareness of IP rights while conducting a self-funding campaign of legal actions to combat piracy.  Those activities helped to reduce the levels of software piracy to those present in more developed counties. 

The number of attorneys in our firm exceeded 10 in 1995. We started to focus our work in the fields of Intellectual Property Law, Commercial and Corporate Law and Pharmaceutical Law. Since then, we have actively participated in relevant national and international conferences, followed all international developments, and joined in relevant international professional associations and alliances. 


In order to respond to the increasing work capacity, the firm rapidly expanded and, by 2000, the number of attorneys in the firm exceeded 20. Rapid growth demanded new business structures, and we initiated a number of projects involving career planning for our attorneys, a performance management system and improved data processing systems.  


With the support and participation of all our staff we started to institutionalise our firm and to plan our future growth with the help of local and international experts. We continued to improve our career planning; started developing our own automation software, renewed our IT systems and started looking for an office premises suitable for our needs. 


With 7 partners and more than 80 other employees, we relocated our office to the current 2,000 m2 state of the art office premises; completed our own automation software called Günce, and implemented our career planning, performance management and costing systems so that a new graduate joining the firm as a trainee associate has a say in the management of the firm and can advance his/her career towards becoming a partner. We have taken all our decisions for growth and management in accordance with suggestions of our staff. This is our continued practice in management.